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                                   Professional Course Books

On this page you will find much course material on many subjects -

Medical, Banking, Gas, and Hotel & Tourism.

The following books I have downloaded and can be good to use in colleges and universities as extra or special courses to be offered to your community. Most of these have teacher’s and student’s books and the audio for them. Some have workbooks and review exercises and tests. To see which ones have these parts you will have to download them. But be sure when you download you extract them in the folder you are going to keep them in.


English for Cooking, Catering, & Reception

English for Transport & Logistics

English for Legal Professions

English for Customer Care

English for Automotive

English for Travel

English for Electronics 2

English for Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

English for Engineering

Collins Work Place English 1 & 2

English for Taxi Drivers

English for Secretaries

English for Medical Students

English for Mechanics

English for Law

English for Hotel & Catering

English for Police

English for Nursing

English for Agriculture

English for Electronics

English for Electricians

English for Construction

English for Banking

English for Art & Design

English for Accounting

English for Architecture

New Head way Advanced 4Th Edition

                                 Medical & Nursing Course Books
                                  Miscellaneous Course Books
                                         Gass & Oil Course Books
                     Hotel, Catering & Tourism Course Books


Tourism and Catering 2

Everyday English for Hospitality Professionals

Highly Recommended Hotel English 1

Highly Recommended Hotel English 2

                                                   Banking & Finance